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“From a small spark, burst a mighty flame..”




It’s important to leave the house. But are you feeling uninspired? Is your yoga instructor’s playlist no longer fulfilling you? Feeling unmotivated? Looking for somewhere magical, but don’t have the energy to head to the theatre & watch a west-end show?

The secret of getting going, is getting started. Here you will find a game-changing innovation within the wellness industry that’s breaking new ground. Created, produced & hosted by Kerry Spark, West End Actor (by night) & Yoga / Meditation Instructor (by day). Kerry merges these two expertise and worlds together into one immersive space. Extracting the calming serenity of the yoga  studio. Along with the transportive magic from the theatre. This intersection interestingly blended together has the power to transport somewhere beyond words could explain. Searching for something more than what your current weekly routine has to offer? 

Welcome to HAUS OF SPARK.


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Stop. Unclench your jaw. Soften your forehead. Relax your shoulders and bring them slowly back. You are exactly where you need to be. ...slow the f*ck down…

Breath with me for a moment, Start to breathe into the lungs until the end of this sentence…  And then, guide the breath out to the very end of this sentence… Start to feel that? …be aware of where you exactly are. How you are? and what you are…

Pause this constant need to do something, to be something, All for what? To push to achieve yet another goal? Yes, visualise your hopes, wishes and dreams. But don't let them force you to step away from the present moment. Don't compromise the now in order to get completely lost in the complexities of the future. Slow down… you still have the time. Just be where you are and where your feet are.


Participate in the world for what it is offering you today.Whether it's a high, a low, or an in-between, this chapter of your life is meant to be savoured.  It is meant to be enjoyed and experienced to it’s fullest potential. It will teach you something, or it'll grant you a gift, but it is only when you are in rapid mode that you tend to miss out on the good stuff.


So, one last time — breathe in to the end of this sentence… …and then, exhale to the end of this sentence.  In the end, our time on this planet is limited. It’s not about counting the years, but it’s about making the years count. It’s not about the years in your life, but it’s the life in your years. 

(now, read that again) 



Humans. We’re more than 7.5 billion on this planet and vastly growing, and yet no two of us are created exactly alike.

Despite our differences and personalities, we all have one thing common. We all have a mind, a body and a spirit. Each of us has one that lasts us our lifetime. How do all three actually function? And how do we look after all three in harmony? Well, that’s when HAUS OF SPARK comes in.


In our current time, the true measure of success is a calm nervous system. We are living, breathing organism. A mammal species that thrives in healthy moments of activation and times for deactivation. Day after day, night after night, sometimes we never get a real chance to switch off. Technology is rapidly taking over our lives forcing us to run at 100 miles an hour. How can we function at an optimum capacity, if we’re on alert 24 hours a day?


At HAUS OF SPARK, it’s laddering here to one thing — optimisation of self. Taking our practices seriously, but not ourselves. We are self-relfective, yes. But self-obsessed, no. As far as we know, we are only here for one time for one life. How can we elevate the sh*t out of it and become our best illuminated version. Yes, you can’t always control the hand you’re dealt with in life, but you can play the hell out of it.


Especially If you’re a giver in this world, it is important to know your limits — because unfortunately the takers in this world don’t have any. Normalise saying “not yet, but thanks” and “no, thank you” in a kind and loving manner without needing to over explain yourself. If someone is offended by your boundaries, that’s their own problem not yours. The best weight you’ll ever lose off your shoulders is the weight of what others demand of you. It’s time for you to travel light, choose to embark on this life mission with easy baggage.

At HAUS OF SPARK, we are the launch pad that process. 



In our digital age, people crave genuine, real-world connections.

Immersive experiences provide a welcome escape from the world, allowing participants to interact with their environment in a whole new exciting way. In every city, we are are starting to rapidly see the rise immersive projects, taking over businesses and franchises. Whether it’s collaborating with friends to solve an escape room or mingling with fellow adventurers at a secret speakeasy. Immersive experiences foster connections that can't be replicated through a screen.


Immersive experiences blur the lines between reality and fiction, plunging participants into richly detailed world that demand their attention and involvement. These experiences often feature a strong sensory component, with participants becoming part of a living, breathing story. One of the key elements that set immersive experiences apart from traditional entertainment is their multi-sensory nature. These adventures go beyond sight and sound, incorporating touch, taste, and even smell to create a fully-realised world. Immersive learning experiences are being enabled and delivered in many innovative ways. One of the powers of immersive learning is being able to put people in situations virtually – situations which would historically been too resource-heavy to recreate.


Immersive experiences are transforming the way we approach things nowadays, offering a refreshing alternative to passive pastimes. By engaging all our senses, fostering connections, and placing us at the centre of the story, these immersions offer a truly unforgettable form of experience. So why not dive into the world of immersive? You'll not only discover a whole new way of experience, but also a lasting impression that’ll have looking back on for years to come. 



Our breath. Without breath senses and the experience of sensations could simply not exist. By focusing on the very essence of life that runs through our bones, muscles, tendons and senses, we give ourselves a specific focal point for our brains to return to. 

During our time together, we will optimize our breath with different types of inhales and exhales to help us open up towards our greatest potential. It will release tension, stress, worry and angst. Revitalizing our mind, body, spirit. Prana translates from Sanskrit as 'life force,' and ‘Yama’ translates as ‘control’. In yoga philosophy, ‘Prana’ the body's main source of energy. During a HAUS OF SPARK experience, we will help distribute this ‘Prana’ (life force) through the body evenly and effectively with spoken cues and clear demonstrations.


We breathe in and out about 22,000 times a day. We are powered by our breathing, it is essential for us that we know that. Our lungs fuel us with oxygen, our body's life-sustaining gas. The lungs are the pair of spongy, pinkish-gray organs within your chest, quite specifically your rib cage. When our lungs breathe in air, they move the oxygen and pass it through our bloodstream, where it's carried off to the tissues, muscles and organs which then allows us to walk, talk, and move. The role of the respiratory system is to breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. This is known as our respiration.


Muscles that control the movement of the lungs are the diaphragm (a sheet of muscle underneath the lungs) and the muscles between the ribs. When a person is under stress, their breathing pattern changes. Our brain controls your breathing rate (how fast or slow you breathe), by sensing the body’s needs in that moment. Breathing is the most important way our body regulates our nervous system and thusly, our health. If you watch infants and toddlers breathe, they only breathe in their belly and through their nose. That is because they have not been overtaken by the daily stresses of life that start to appear as kids enter school and that sets the path up on how we develop our emotions. 







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