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Pioneering wellness into it’s next immersive frontier. Reconnect and reinvigorate your senses with an experience that means something. 

HAUS OF SPARK was born after masterminding techniques that balance personal energy levels and vibrational frequency. Curating experiences that allow people to connect back to their human senses and what it means to be a human being.


HAUS OF SPARK identified a lack of transportation, inspiration & magic amongst the yoga / meditation classes in London. Led by the mindset of creativity and reinvention, whilst merging different eastern and western practices together.


HAUS OF SPARK discovered that blending well-being practices along with bringing in an immersive aspect could create an unmatched experience that expands the spirit, balances the body and empowers the mind. Following an investment in personal and professional development.


Kerry Spark conceptualised HAUS OF SPARK. A house dedicated in designing wellness experiences that push physical, mental and spiritual boundaries. From scents attaching to airwaves at different pin point moments of time. To the shear power of music playing in your ear. Immersive experiences engage all your senses making it truly unforgettable. Applying extensive techniques from Kerry’s background doing 8 shows a week in the west end.


HAUS OF SPARK is able to curate well-being experiences to the next frontier with great optimism. 



“It’s okay if you fall down and lose your spark, just make sure when you get back up, you rise as the whole damn flame…” 

When Kerry Spark (Founder of HAUS OF SPARK) moved back to London after being in South East Asia for a few years. He was aware that not many people get the opportunity to hop on a flight to have their very own ‘Eat Pray Love’ moment like Julia Roberts in that specific movie. That was when the seed was planted…“How would I go about bringing the bliss of South East Asia here…” Stepping into a sanctuary that will automatically invigorate your senses. You’ll find some inner peace amidst candlelight, lush greens, blooming flowers, beautiful smells and nature sounds. Absorbed by serenity and high vibrational energy, this sensorium has the ability to make you believe that you were in a different part of the world for a few hours. Feeling the essence of Thailand in the air. The magic of Bali infused in the space. Whisking you away somewhere captivating as you flow through varying yoga poses and meditations. Supported by breath-taking music and sound baths. 



At HAUS OF SPARK, we bring to the forefront that the relationship we have with ourself is a mirror reflection of how we relate to others. 

Working on the commitment in being self-reflective, but not self-obsessed. We notice where our conditioning, thinking, stories, experiences and cults of thought limit us down and trip is up. We do not strive to be perfect, but we strive to be radically inclusive… everybody and anybody is welcome. We celebrate diversity and we believe in empathetic hospitality that matters. No matter your race, privilege, physical-abilty, religion, sexuality, lifestyle, tax-bracket, gender identity, social status or job title. We treat everyone with the same respect that every human being deserves. As a community and as a space we have zero tolerance against discriminative behaviour that involves judgement, gossip, abuse and bullying. Inclusive-ness is what we offer. Imersive-ness is what we give. Re-ignition is our mission. 






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