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HAUS OF SPARK Creator, Kerry Spark discovered a passion for yoga and meditation during a brief career pause after many years in Musical Theatre. After studying at the Royal Ballet School, RADA and Royal Academy of Music. Training that eventually found him performing 8 shows a week in London’s West End, as well as internationally touring the world with some much loved musicals such as; Miss Saigon, Chicago, The Producers, White Christmas, Hello Dolly, Disney’s Aladdin and Frozen.

He’d eventually noticed a gradual disconnection in the western world. An addictive pursuit for credential validation and material success. Where in the eastern world, personal fulfilment over professional achievement was more of the focus. Through a personal dive into buddhism, spirituality and back-pack travel, he found that training as a yoga / meditation instructor, as well as a sound therapist has allowed him to carve a balanced and soul-nurturing life.

In 2016, Kerry got qualified at one of the world’s yoga leading centres, The Yoga Barn in Bali, Indonesia. Having learnt from many of the modern-day masters in well-being, it is now his mission to share this powerful work with the world, merging his skillset from London’s West End theatre scene. He founded HAUS OF SPARK, a company dedicated to igniting inspiration and motivation through experiences that are mindfully immersive and multi-sensory. Kerry’s immersions create a rare environment for you to relinquish what no longer serves you. So you arrive back into the world walking out very differently than you walked in.

You can catch Kerry on the West End stage in Disney’s Frozen, playing the role of ‘King Agnarr’ (Anna’s & Elsa’s Father). But in Autumn 2023 will be transferring Disney universes, leaving Arendelle for Agrabah to join the UK tour of Disney’s Aladdin (understudying Aladdin, Jafar & Kassim). When Kerry is away from the theatre world, you can find Kerry at well-being festivals, workshops and retreats across the world. He currently teaches a very limited amount of in-person classes London, but virtually teaches online (via Zoom) to a fast growing community. He also works one-to-one with high profile clients, who wish to accelerate personal growth and self- development quickly.



Think about it, many of us walk around with our to-do lists in our minds while walking from A to B… but it’s not about our ‘to-do list’ is it? 

The experience of being in our bodies and fully integrated with our mind and spirit is something not allot of us experience all day and everyday. By working with our human senses and starting to integrate these sensations that make us alive. It may allow us to integrate mind, body and spirit at the same dining table, sharing the same meal at the exact same time. The sooner you realise which chairs don’t belong at that table, the more peaceful these meals will become. What happens when we allow ourselves to step into a therapeutically calm environment, is that we get away from our flight, fright and freeze response. But into our rest and digest mode. It invites us sit with parts of ourself that are sometimes hard to be with. (The stressed parts of ourselves, from the parts of us that feel lonely and even the parts that don’t feel enough). If we start paying attention to those parts, feel them for a moment and accompany them within a safe environment. That is when we can be fully accepting of them.


The importance of HAUS OF SPARK can even be more than a place to relax. It could end up being a moment to relinquish what no longer serves you. How about attending, watering and de-weeding your emotional garden? Yes, there may be a guard by that doorway entrance. There may even be a replica of the great wall of china that surrounds it. Putting it very simply… after some water and sunlight, we are basically wild plants with the complexity of emotions. We eventually take stock to what actually waters our soul and focus in the people in our life that feel like rays of sunshine. It may be a tough pill to swallow, but blaming externally constantly will leave you powerless. Your triggers are your own responsibility. Life becomes allot more peaceful when you finally decide you no longer have energy to argue, debate or defend. You’re 100% okay being misunderstood because you know that people can only understand from their level of perception. By attending and maintaining this internal garden, we can step back into the external landscape feeling less affected by situations and easily offended by others. Almost like the Pixar Movie, ‘INSIDE OUT’. It’s when we recognise that the human experience is not about being afraid of the range of our emotional pallet, but embracing each colour instead. That is when we can start to become allot more wholesome as a person… mind, body & spirit. 



London, United Kingdom. Bright lights, loud sounds, bustling streets and peppered with the occasional interaction of passive aggression. It’s a capital city that has much to offer to every human being. Some say it has more to offer than the average place in the world. Modernising quickly, yet keeping it’s own sense of tradition. 

London is a melting pot of culture, history, diversity, art, business, opportunity, life experience and most importantly growth. London has a very specific energy more than any other place in the world. If you’re here long enough, heart-rates eventually match the the tempo of how everything is run here. Everyone comes to this city with their own special story, how we got here and what we are doing here. Whilst we may be living out our different narratives within the concrete jungle, most of us share a very similar story. Cities can be a brutally hard place to live. The hard truth is that city living can be a rollercoaster of ups and downs. The experiences we gain from living in the city is something we’ve all gone through. If we’re not careful, it can be quite a lonely path. As cities lack a sense of community that we’re sometimes internally craving. No matter your race, privilege, religion, sexuality, lifestyle, tax bracket, gender identity or job title… city life finds it’s sneaky way to kick every human being’s butt. Cities can engulf you emotionally, and then spit you out whole the next moment. As they say, it can either “make you or break you”. (Dramatic it may sound. But real this is.)


So what’s the story here? I’m Kerry Spark, Creator of HAUS OF SPARK.


I’m a Yoga & Meditation Instructor (by day) and an West End Actor (by night). I’ve been living in London for the last 16 years. Specifically five years of those, i’ve spent either moving in or moving out of the city. Often wondering, why I couldn’t keep up with the pace of life here. It was this continuous carousel of either hitting a wall or feeling incredibly burnt out. I discovered it was the demands of city life that were the main factors that drove me away. I didn’t have tools in place to recenter, realign & reset myself. From heading over the state side, to then moving through countries across Asia and heading back via different cities within Europe. These five years, I’ve found myself somehow returning back to this city. It was like something was always indefinitely pulling me back to return. I traveled the entire world in search of where truly felt like home. As I followed this internal compass completing my very own “Eat Pray Love” in it’s many incarnations, it was then I realised…I didn’t want to be anywhere else, but right here. This alive and vibrant city, with all it’s complexities and layers, is my home. London has many facets and sides, but so do I. It’s a place that matches my personality, yet charges my spirit. It tests me daily on how to show up as my best self, rather than my stressed self. Home is not an exact GPS pin location, but in fact it’s a state of mind. The environment where you can “hang up your hat” and be unapologetically yourself. This concept of home is something all of us deserve to have. After gaining this new perspective, in which seemed like new prescription lenses in which I viewed the world. I noticed a familiar energy within people that also lived in the city too. Subtly searching for somewhere to pause and reset themselves, so they can arrive back with their own life lens of the world tweaked & sharpened too.


HAUS OF SPARK was created from living life in the city and the life experiences that come along with world travel. It’s a space to check-in physically, mentally, and energetically. It’s about graduating beyond from the cliche subject matter of ‘self-love’ and stepping into something a bit more practical — self-care & self-empowerment. At HAUS OF SPARK, we lay mindfulness tools on the table, cultivating a path to claim back peace within a quick paced world that greedily asks for more. From the yoga mat to the meditation bolster. From studying the way you breathe to the way your body holds it’s self. Those who want to simply find sanctuary within a bustling city and find a breath from whatever may be happening. Who ever you may be, you will learn practices to wake the body up and practices to wind the mind down. Because let’s face it… if you're living in the city, specially London… you need them!


Namasté — Kerry Spark

Creator of HAUS OF SPARK 






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